• Support for bigger textures
  • Support for child-parts found in 1.9
  • Preview texture mapping
  • Export Texturemap
  • Seeker that allows you to see what part of the texture is mapped to any given cube (and what side)
  • Visual representation of the anchor-point
  • Export to any textbased format with templates
  • History (ctrl+z/ctrl+y) (currently deactivated)
  • Copy and paste
  • Multiselection
  • Turbo Model Thingy support
  • Self-updating
  • Save a model if you want to resume later
  • Autoreloads texture when it gets changed


You can view a gallery of screenshots at minus.com
Bear in mind that this also shows the history and progress of Techne over the years.

Archdragon by Hhidra
Baby Dragon by ~Hydrallon
Coelacanth and Ichthyosaurus by ~Dragonith by ~Dragonith
Servine by ~Jirachi-the-Chao


The following prerequisites are required:
  • Windows Installer 3.1
  • Microsoft NET Framework 4 (x86 or x64)